Weird Classrooms

Sunday Dancing

"Wanna come to Sunday dancing?"

I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately, and wanted to describe what it is I mean.

An evolving crew of folks have been gathering on Sundays since November 2016 -- some regulars, some inconsistent, some one-off. It started as something I thought of as "dance for writers," and has evolved into something more like "dance for anyone" -- but based in the idea that thinking happens in brains, which is to say it happens, really, in bodies. Our bodies think, and know. And we can use language to have different kinds of access to our bodies, but we can then use our bodies to get past language, around it, over it, through it, deep into it -- towards some new ways of being in a room with ourselves, and with other people.

It's felt like an experiment in trying out other ways of understanding what it means to be an "I", really. Or a "we."

So what we do is structured to be non-stressful for people who might not think of themselves as dancers. We start slow, and easy. There's no learning of movement combinations. There's experimenting with how we feel in our bodies moving, how greater and lesser degrees of imaginative structure support our moving as individuals and in relation to each other.

In the early sessions we spent a lot of time exploring the mechanics of individual bodies. This fall we'll bend more towards thinking about structures for understanding how we exist in relation to each other, how we structure time, space, autonomy, etc.

Alright. That's too much abstract language already.

It's fun, it's easy, it's a nice mixture of exercise and togetherness and meditation and silliness and getting to know people in ways other than talking.

Fall 2017 dates are looking like:

Sept 24
October 8, 15, 22, 29
November 5, 12

It's generally Sundays, 2-4, at University Settlement, 184 Eldridge Street, just above Delancey. All are welcome. Just bring yourself, clothes you can move in, and something to write on and with.

But write me if you want to come to make sure you've got the latest deets. 

Eventually this dance practice will be a core element of:

Weird Classrooms, a plaything
@ University Settlement
November 18-19, 3:30 pm
Details and tickets here.

Nesting structure. Open frames. Shelves and tables and arrangements of things. A pillow fort. A box the size of a bed full of yarn and markers. We've been dancing together Sunday afternoons. Take off your shoes. We have a class grandpa. School lunch. Short chairs. Every little cell in my body is tingling cause every little cell knows everything.

But more on that to come.